We believe people are the heartbeat and that culture is foundation of all world-changing organizations.

Partnering with leaders to unlock human potential and drive organizational purpose and performance.

Workplace culture isn’t just a HR buzz word – it’s your organization’s only sustainable competitive advantage. A strong and healthy work culture is what makes people, the ones running, building, innovating, connecting, and generating revenue for your company, want to join your organization, stay, and thrive. Think about it – even if you are currently selling the hottest and most innovative product or service on the market today, how long is your competitive advantage going to last if no one wants to stay at or join your company?

Since our founding in 1998, Realize has been on a mission to help leaders design organizations that achieve high performance and resilience by centring around their people and leading with purpose. We help organizations develop their key sustainable advantage by designing and nurturing a culture that: attracts, develops, and retains extraordinary people; makes people wake up inspired by their work; and lets your organization pursue its purpose without distractions.

As a globally recognized B Corp, we strive to lead by example and improve the world by actively investing in, developing, and celebrating the communities we live and work in. We are committed community partners and are proud of the impacts we have made, and continue to make in the BC economy. Learn more about our model and the economic and democratic benefits our members enjoy.

Our Vision

Leaders in unlocking human potential to drive organizational purpose and performance.

Our Mission

As a firm, we promise an exceptional experience and value that exceeds the cost of our services.

As an employer, we promise an amazing workplace where people can thrive and make a difference.

As a community partner, we promise always to use our business as a force for good. 

What We Stand For

We seek the changemakers of the world, who believe organizations can and should make the world a better place, and partner with them to make this dream a reality and standard. We believe that people are the ones who spark inspiration, generate innovation, grant loyalty, and hustle to get things done. We believe that organizations are stronger when they have a primary purpose beyond making money and benefit all stakeholders, not just shareholders. So let’s create a new organization that puts people at the centre, leads with purpose, strives to do no harm, and benefit all through their practices, products, and profits. Because we believe in a world where everyone wakes up inspired by their work and organizations reinvest in and develop the world and don’t just take from it.