Organizational Design

Design a workplace structure, culture, and experience where employees will thrive, drive results, and inspire.

Every organization is a living system that can be intentionally designed to encourage desired outcomes. Consider the thinking behind behaviours that quietly shape workplace culture, employee engagement, and productivity. How do your employees collaborate and share information? How you coordinate and align your teams? Do you reward teams or individuals? How do you attract and retain talent?

Thoughtfully designing your organizational structure, culture, and workplace experience around your employee’s needs and wants will provide you an invaluable competitive edge and make you everyone’s dream employer. Our human-centred organizational design process is a deeply collaborative initiative. We start by taking the time and care to deepen your understanding of the values, pain points and motivators of the end-user – your employees. By putting yourself in your employees’ shoes, you may be able to design the “dream job”, facilitating deeper loyalty, retention, engagement, and satisfaction.

We’ll work with you to:

  • Audit and optimize your management structure to support employees’ workflow
  • Create an intentional organizational culture where workers can thrive
  • Design communication channels for collaboration and knowledge sharing