Employee Alignment &


Cultivate an environment where people find joy and meaning in their work and move forward together with a shared commitment to long-term success.

High-performing organizations are made up of employees who are aligned around a shared vision and goals, which they are enthusiastically engaged in making a reality.

We use our Realize Employee Experience Framework to holistically look at what it’s like to work at your organization, the level of alignment between employees, and which aspects are driving job satisfaction and engagement or contributing to job anxiety and burnout. Our framework evaluates 12 key workplace factors that shape the overall employee experience and we work closely with you to develop a customized plan to address unmet employee experience needs that may be causing burnout, high turnover rates, and stagnation.

Cultivating a strong employee experience is an important way to bolster your organization and make it more resilient to change. Employees will be more individually resilient, motivated, and engaged if they feel aligned with your values, mission, strategic direction, have clear communication, are able to grow and develop, and feel supported and included at work.

Realize Employee Experience Framework™ example

Call us if your organization needs to:

  • Conduct a tailor-made employee experience survey for your business
  • Interpret and evaluate employee feedback
  • Create a plan for addressing employee needs to improve employee satisfaction and productivity