Designed together.

Our core belief is that people form the heartbeat and foundation of all world-changing organizations.

People spark inspiration, generate innovation, forge connection, grant loyalty and hustle to get things done. By placing your people at the centre of your organization you can create a unique organizational environment that will enable you to maximize your “return” on human capital, solve your most pressing problems, live out your values, and build organizational ecosystems that inspire.

Did You Know?

Organizations often do not get the most out of their people. As a result:

  • 85% of workers around the world are not engaged or are actively disengaged at work. This global “norm” results in approximately $7 trillion in lost productivity. (Gallup)
  • 60% of Canadian employees would consider leaving their current organization even if they were offered less money but better support for personal well-being. Even among those reporting high financial stress, 51% of surveyed employees agreed they would consider moving to a new role with less pay if it offered better personal well-being support. (Morneau Shepell)

Real Talk

Quarterly Event:

Want to push the boundaries to build a better tomorrow? We convene leaders from a variety of sectors once a quarter to tackle complex social, economic, and environmental problems. Engage in reflective discussions and dialogue, identify leverage points and opportunities for innovation, get access to actionable ideas, forge new connections, develop practical actions, and commit to being a force for positive change.


Want to bring the energy, creativity and collaborative spirit of a Real Talk to your own organization? We can lead a Real Talk Workshop to solve complex problems specific to your organization, facilitating an environment where ideas run rampant and take on a life of their own.