Designed together.

People.  They spark inspiration, generate innovation, forge connection, grant loyalty, and hustle to get things done. People lay the foundation for purpose, culture, and strategy – so we help you put them at the centre of everything to design a captivating vision and set of exceptional experiences based on what they care most about.

Align your plan for people, purpose and performance.

To deepen the value provided by your organization, we will collaborate to design a vision and strategic plan for implementation that is an intersection of existing core competencies, future objectives, goals for financial sustainability, and what is valued by end-users, employees, and other key stakeholders. By taking a bottom-up approach which incorporates the perspective of the people that matter to your organization, your vision will resonate compellingly with your end-users and stakeholders, and will lead to a greater sense of commitment in your employees. This will boost engagement, satisfaction and productivity, and will improve the likelihood of success.

Design stand-out offerings.

The world’s greatest product means nothing if no one wants to use it. Rather than designing products/services/experiences to fit your organizational objectives, let’s flip the mentality to fit your offering to what your end-user fundamentally needs and values. By putting yourself in your end-users’ shoes, you will be able to design something that is indispensable and accessible, facilitating deeper loyalty and growth.

Make working for you the "dream job".

Employees are your greatest asset — they power your organization forward and are your brand ambassadors to the world. So let’s work together to increase productivity, retention, overall satisfaction and engagement by reconnecting with your employees, diving deep into what makes them tick. By empathizing with your employees’ values, pain points, and needs, we can design a work experience and culture that they wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to their friends. After all, culture is so much more than having a foosball table.

Optimize Your Organizational Structure.

The way we work is changing. This has widespread ramifications for how you coordinate and align your teams, how your teams share information and work together, and how you move people within your organization. Together we may:

  • Examine organizational structure and governance practices
  • Clarify a cohesive team identity
  • Understand team dynamics and compatibility
  • Implement feedback and performance management processes
  • Identify gaps and recognize obstacles
  • Assess organizational risk

Find your leaders for tomorrow.

As far as we’re concerned, the starting point for any organization is finding the right people. Once you have the right people setting the gears in motion, they will propel your organization to new heights. We’re here to help with your executive recruitment needs, including pinpointing what you’re looking for, utilizing our extensive network to lead the search, conducting a compensation review, and assisting with onboarding. Our process puts the candidate experience first, so the right candidate will accept with a resounding “YES!”, while even the candidates you’ve passed on might sing your praises.

Power up your best and brightest.

With the pace of change and types of challenges facing leaders today, they must adapt and learn like never before. We use evidence-based tools, techniques, and processes to build an actionable learning and development plan to bring out the best of your leadership and high potentials:

  • Recognize and capitalize on your strengths
  • Acknowledge and work on your weaknesses
  • Identify and let go of things you can’t control
  • Build depth and foster up-and-coming talent
  • Establish a succession plan

Solution Labs

Quarterly Event:

Want to push the boundaries to build a better tomorrow? We convene leaders from a variety of sectors once a quarter to tackle complex social, economic, and environmental problems. Engage in reflective discussions and dialogue, identify leverage points and opportunities for innovation, get access to actionable ideas, forge new connections, and commit to being a force for positive change.


Want to bring the energy, creativity and collaborative spirit of a Solution Lab to your own organization? We can lead a Solution Workshop to solve complex problems specific to your organization, facilitating an environment where ideas run rampant and take on a life of their own.