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Introducing Our New Website!

We’re so excited to finally share our new website with you! Our last website redesign was four years ago, and a lot has changed since then. Our Realize team has grown, we’ve moved offices, expanded our capabilities, and worked with a variety of new and exciting clients.

As part of the process, our team sat down to take a deeper look at who Realize Strategies is and what sets us apart. The result?

Same values, better defined.

Our core values have and will always remain the same. At the core of Realize, what we care the most about is people and bringing the best out of your people and organization through transformative change. Our approach and mindset are summarized on our new Services page:

“People. They spark inspiration, generate innovation, forge connection, grant loyalty, and hustle to get things done. People lay the foundation for purpose, culture, and strategy – so we help you put them at the centre of everything to design a captivating vision and set of exceptional experiences based on what they care most about.”

But we needed to better define who we are and what sets us apart. We approached this in three ways:


While sharing who we are as an organization is important, clearly laying out how we can help our visitors succeed is the most important function of our website. As we said above, people are at the centre of everything that we do and that means you, not us. We are here to be long-term partners with all of our clients and to design custom solutions collaboratively.

So, what’s new?

  • Updated our tagline to “People Driving Purpose” to reflect our human-centric focus and how we believe people what drives everything forward to success.
  • Created a more robust Services page where we cut out the jargon-y product and services titles and reframed each of our specialties as a plain language solution to a problem you may be dealing with.
  • Explain how we define “purpose-driven” and why we want to work with you.
  • Built a new blog that’s split into three categories:
    • For the Workplace: tips and articles about how to bring out the best of you and your team as well as improving your work culture.
    • Real Talk: a collection of fun snippets from our team members and articles featuring the great work other organizations and individuals are doing to make the world a better place.
    • The Weekly Prompt: A weekly tidbit of information aimed at sparking reflection, inspiring new ideas, or spicing up your internal fact bank. [Sign up] to get it delivered straight to your inbox! We promise to send no spam.


Our branding didn’t need a complete overhaul by any means but after four years, it definitely needed a good refresh. We wanted our new website to be modern and reflect both our company personality and culture as well as the work we do.

So, what’s new?

  • A short background video on our Home page to share a slice of our fun personality, talented people, learning culture, and open green office space.
  • Updated our colour palette and typography and also tweaked our logo to feature our new tagline and colours.
  • Incorporated lots of white space in our design to make the website feel clean and simple.
  • New team photos and bios!


We want your website experience to be smooth, enjoyable, and intuitive. We took a mobile-first approach in our design to ensure that our website functions well on across all devices.

So, what’s new?

  • Utilized a new grid-style layout to make sure everything flows and scales well across all screen sizes.
  • Implemented a “sticky” navigation bar so that you don’t need to scroll up every single time you want to click to a different page.

And that’s pretty much it! Take a look around, explore our new pages, and let us know what you think.