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Ask Yourself: “What is MY New Normal?”

As we transition (or not) back into our workplaces, or even slightly back into our pre-COVID 19 practices as organizations, we have the chance to leverage this as an opportunity for reflection. Here are 4 quicks questions for you and your team members to dive into:

  • What is something you crave from your pre-pandemic work/life experience?
  • Where have you created efficiencies in your new work/life setup?
  • What is an element of your pre-pandemic workday/week that you would like to just throw right out the window?
  • What is a systemic or cultural change that could be made within your organization that would increase your quality of life as a professional?

We encourage you to use these four questions to start a conversation with yourself and others within your organization – download a PDF version of the questionnaire and send it around! Take this opportunity to shake things up and redesign an inclusive workplace that reflects the current voices and needs of your employees and supports their growth.