About Our Co-op

Our Co-op roots

Realize Strategies was founded as a co-operatively owned and governed enterprise in 1998 by a diverse group of nonprofits, co-operatives, and social enterprises. Our co-operative structure means that we’re able to connect deeply to the clients we serve and to the values that are important to them, and it ensures that our business is rooted in the needs of our members and community.

Centred in the Values and Success of our Membership

Our members drive our long-term vision and purpose by electing a Board of Directors that governs the co-op. The Board oversees the CEO who is responsible for managing our strategy and operations, and for realizing the overall social and economic goals of the organization. Our focus on making a positive difference in the community is a direct result of our structure of democratic ownership and governance.

Realize Strategies is also a certified Benefit Corporation (B Corp) and a certified Living Wage Employer – we also buy carbon offsets to help reduce our environmental impact. By focusing on the values of our membership, Realize has consecutively won global recognition on the B Corp Best For the World lists in the following categories: Best for Overall (2015-2019; category now discontinued). Best for Workers (2016-2022), and Best for Governance (2017-2022). Learn more about our social and environmental initiatives in our most recent news and impact report

Membership in Realize Strategies is open and voluntary – our clients are not required to join, but all are welcome to join to take advantage of our member benefits and make their voices heard through our governance process.

Member Benefits

“The Realize Strategies Community Innovation Cash Pool Program provides PLEA Community Services with a preferable interest rate on all of our bank accounts on a daily basis. The interest we receive supports programs that otherwise would not exist in our community without this partnership.”

— Tim Veresh, Executive Director
PLEA Community Services

Who can join?

Any purpose-driven organization can join Realize Strategies. Our membership includes organizations across many sectors:

Member Investment

Joining Realize Strategies requires a one-time investment in member shares. The number of membership shares required varies according to the size of your organization’s revenue at the time of joining.

Click here to find our Member Application form.

All applications are reviewed before membership is finalized.