Designing Innovation For People

Partnering With Leaders to Co-Create a Sustainable Competitive Advantage By Putting People at the Centre of Their Organizations and Leading With Purpose.

Who we are

Connection. Passion. Loyalty. Aspiration. Drive. These are just a few things that spark humans and fuel us. It’s that secret something that cannot be replicated with even the cleverest AI. The human element is what allows us to share dreams and co-create new realities. Realize Strategies is an organizational design and innovation firm and global award winning B Corp. We partner with leaders to design organizations that achieve high performance and resilience by centring around their people and leading with purpose.

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What we do

People spark inspiration, generate innovation, forge connection, grant loyalty and hustle to get things done. By placing your people at the centre of your organization, you can create a unique organizational environment that will enable you to maximize your “return” on human capital, solve your most pressing problems, live out your values, and build organizational ecosystems that inspire. Here are some ways we can partner with you.

Real Talk

Want to push the boundaries to build a better tomorrow? Real Talk is a workshop series where leaders from across the purpose-driven sector gather, have active discussions about the complex social, economic, and environmental problems our organizations are faced with, develop practical actions, and commit to leading positive change. We seek engaged leaders who put their people first and truly want to use their organization as a force for good.

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Client Perspectives

“The team at Realize provide knowledge and expertise in areas that support us as a non-profit organization with a strong business focus. They share our values and are acutely aware of the importance of utilizing professional business practices while maintaining a strong social conscience. It is without reservation that I would provide a recommendation for Realize Strategies.”
Mark Miller
John Howard Society Pacific
“The Realize team walked beside our organization during a difficult time providing effective, strategic advice which got us back on a productive path. The folks at Realize took the time to understand our organization and the various communities we serve. The result was a comprehensive process which has helped strengthen our approach."
Morgan Camley
Denton's; Board Chair, Qmunity